Are CCTV cameras expensive?

This is the most common, yet the hardest to answer. We have so many options to help provide the best possible solution for every budget. No matter what your needs are, call for an estimate and we will do our best to meet all your budget needs.

Can I install them myself?

We always recommend having our systems professionally installed, but we understand there are many "do it yourself" clients out there. We offer DIY kits for people who choose this method, it will come with everything needed to install, excluding tools. We also provide phone support for those who need installation advice.  

Brothers Security vs. Other Brands

We often get compared to the most common residential brands, like Arlo, Ring, and products sold at major retailers. The biggest difference is that our products are "hardwired" directly to the NVR/DVR, which will allow for the most reliable service and quality. Recording is also very different, where we have 24/7 live recording, and most other brand just allow you to view 30 seconds of an "event".

Do you have a warranty?

All products come with a warranty, but not all of them are the same. Depending on the specific equipment being installed, warranties range from 1-5 years!

Can I view my cameras from my phone?

You can not only view live feed, but also review recordings from your phone.  Our apps are very user friendly, and extremely easy to use. 

Is my system able to upgraded?

YES! Our systems are always able to be upgraded, without having to purchase all new equipment.